of course its canadian

canada makes the best shit, Beetlejuice the tv show, the care bears, clone high, inspector gadget, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, cybersix, fucking ARTHUR, totally spies, Rolie Polie Olie, Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat, Sharky and George, the list goes on…

i THINK cybertronians pick something that can move fast enough or an easy way of transportation, and in the beast wars storyline there were no cars so they chose animals because they moved fast??? or smth like that haha ?? idk man TF canon and theories are really extense and everywhere but beast wars is a gem regarding animation and the characters are really cool

I’ll totally have to check it out then omg, I mean again I don’t really know much about transformers aside from like… They turn into cars and are having some kind of civil war?

If I have the time I will find a chance to squeeze Beast Wars in along with my Octonauts

It was a Canadian show! Ok so like, the transformers crash onto prehistoric Earth and disguise themselves as animals. If I remember correctly, in one episode they teach tool use to some sort of hominid, implied to be the ancestors of humans. I loved it as a six year old kid. Though, the show was already cancelled and getting kind of old by then. It ran from 1996-99.

I didn’t know transformers could like transform into anything other than some kind of machine… This is blowing my mind

yep those are in fact transformers!! i don't remember much about it but like cybertronians chose an alt mode that could move faster than their cybertronian selves and they chose animals that time??? BUT THE WRITING IS REALLY GOOD, LIKE THE ANIMATION SURE LOOKS GOOFY BUT IT WAS REALLY GOOD A+ WOULD RECOMMEND

so… transformers can like just be like a fucking goat if they wanted? or like a person despite being robots?? holy shit.

i’ll probably have to look into it because i feed off of goofy animation

okay i dont know anything about transformers but from what i can tell or assume or whatever they turn into like vehicles or robot versions of things that are still pretty obviously robotic or whatever

can someone please explain this to me then

wtf is this, like someone linked me to this thing called beast wars, and i had no idea it had anything to do with transformers until transformers showed up, what is this this is like some donkey kong country shit right here

actually there’s a chance i might get to volunteer at the Chicago botanic gardens taking care of the butterflies, moths, caterpillars and pupa.

so i mean there’s a chance *crosses finger* cover me in bugs


Another year, another thing to worry about

me when i torture my own oc: hahahahaha
when my friends torture their oc: NO